Effecting Change through Representation of Fat Bodies with Mia O’Malley – Mamaste38

On episode 38 of the Mamaste Podcast I welcome back Mia O’Malley, @miaomalley on Instagram. She joined us on episode 16 “Love at Every Size with Mia O’Malley” so check that out if you have not already listening it.

In this episode we talk about representation, fat positivity and perception vs reality. Mia does not see herself as a fashion influencer and yet that is some of her most popular content. Mia recently got the opportunity to model on the Today show (where she killed it) but she also got to briefly talk about the difficulties of shopping online if you are fat and how basically you are charged a fat tax.

I went to high school with Mia and have always idolized her for speaking her mind. Mia cares so strongly about her plus size community and her Instagram account bleeds that. I look forward to every chance I get to connect with her.

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