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Laney Schwartz of @lifeisbutadish plainly put is a food blogger but there is nothing plain about her. Laney took to Instagram stories right away and that is where I first got hooked on her account. Cooking can seem daunting and it is a big task but she makes it approachable.

One of my favorite “segments” she does on Instagram stories is “What is in my cart”. Laney mainly shops at @traderjoes which is where I also mainly shop. There are some weeks where I am good cooking the same meals but there are some weeks I need inspiration and Laney is the first place I look. She is also a mom (to two adorable girls) so she helps me find fun snacks that I might not normally pick up because I can be a little strict about food.

Laney is getting ready to release her “Stressed out to Superstar: Guide to Stress-Free Entertaining” which I cannot wait for. Sign up at her website to get vip access.

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