School’s out for summer….in 3 days for Sam – Mamaste35

There are so many things I love about Samantha Gait-Tisi. She is quick to laugh, she is creative in her teaching which bleeds into her parenting and she knows the run time of Frozen (which is actually 1hr and 42 minutes not an 1hr and 40 minutes, Sam). Sam teaches 6th grader but has two young kids (3 years and 6 years) so we bounce back and forth talking about strategies for both younger and older kids.

When I was pregnant I started forming how I wanted to raise my future kid. One of these ideas was to try to be screen free for as long as possible. It is not easy or even possible for everyone. Sam does not share this parenting philosophy or really anyone I have met. The most important part for Sam is knowing what her kids are watching and balancing screen time with reading and other activities. Sam encourages as well as models reading for at least 5-20 minutes a day in order to avoid the “summer slump”.

We also talk about creative and fun things you can do together that will not annoy you to death i.e. read the same book 15 times as well as be willing to let your kids be bored.

Sunrise by Nicolai Heidlas | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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