Velvet Chong Healing Touch Practitioner – Mamaste033

Velvet Chong has so much knowledge. I met Velvet 3 years ago in a kids music class and she was someone I wanted to connect with. Unfortunately, our kids are a few years apart and my making mom friends skills were in their infancy. When I started the podcast she was someone on my list to interview but we still did not see each other much so I started following her on Instagram. When I won a healing touch session with her I knew it was a great time to reconnect.

In episode 33 we talk about Velvet’s journey to becoming a healing touch practitioner, integrating healing touch with conventional medicine and finding our voice. Velvet is a practicing RN as well as healing touch practitioner. Velvet is constantly searching for more information in order to serve her family, her clients and herself. Velvet is very open and willing to share her passion for what she does. Velvet is very passionate about what she does but she is also very excited to learn more to share that knowledge. Check her out instagram @thevelvetlotus and her website

Sunrise by Nicolai Heidlas | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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