Looking Beyond Biases with Jasmine Byrd – Mamaste023

This week on the Mamaste Podcast we welcome Jasmine Byrd, Project Coordinator for NASA, and badass working-mama to four-year-old, Trey.

We dive into Jasmine’s background, including her faith-centered foundation that has led her through every stage in her life and helped her create a family life rich in values while expecting the very best from people.

She shares her experience transitioning from a predominantly white school to a historical black university, Hampton University. We also talk about the racial tension that’s still unmistakably present today and how she is raising her son to see everyone the same, regardless of the color of their skin.

Quotable Moments

“What am I gonna do here that will make me happy?”

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that people are better than you think.”

“I’d rather be an optimist and proven wrong than live as a pessimist.”

“Prayer is a way of letting things go, like a release.”

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