Growing Self Esteem – MAMASTE017

Today on the Mamaste Podcast Jill and Ryann explore ways to start building self-confidence in our kiddos and, of course, some of that starts with modeling. But one of the most simple ways to nourish our children’s positive view of themselves is by eliminating a few key phrases instead being completely present with them as they’re playing.

On Today’s Episode You’ll Learn About:

  • Alternatives to saying phrases like “Good Job!” to our kids
  • Why praising our kids can have the opposite effect
  • Tools to use instead of defaulting to the phrases we’re all inundated with
  • How to approach non-judgment as a practice and lead with curiosity and wonder instead
  • The importance of playing with our kids while being fully present (even if it’s 5 minutes a day)


Alfie Kohn article: “5 Reasons to Stop Saying ‘Good Job!’”

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