Pedro Luna: Pursuing Your Passion – MAMASTE 014

Pedro Luna’s mantra is “share the gift of yoga” and it’s clear that he’s doing just that. He creates organic (and hilarious) content for yogis and has built an audience of over 100,000 followers since starting his hit Instagram account, @yogimemes.

In this episode we cover:

Four elements of pursuing your passion:

  1. Create organic content to share your message
  2. Be engaging in your community
  3. Build an email list
  4. Just do something, you have a choice how you spend your time

How to tap into your creativity. Every single person has creativity and a unique gift to offer.   Discover what your gift is and share it with everyone. Share your truth. Get your body moving—when you shift your energy, you tap into your creativity.

The real definition of success.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga. If everyone would take few mindful breaths every day, it could change the world.


Instagram: Yogimemes and personal account

Yoga with Pedro

Colony Yoga

Yogafest Florida


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