Resources For Mindful Mamas – MAMASTE008

Resources For Mindful Mamas

Today on The Mamaste Podcast, Ryann and Jill talk about what it’s like to be a new mom and

why it’s so important to find a mom crew. They dive into some foundational resources for new

moms and mamas looking to be more mindful. Google your city/county libraries, parks &

recreation, churches, community centers, etc. You can find everything from baby wearing

classes to drop off programs.

Additional Resources:

La Leche League

Boca Regional Breastfeeding Support Group


Shtulman Family Chiropractic


Nurture Your Newborn

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Nature’s Symphony


The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali

Magnesium Roll On

Postpartum Anxiety and Depression: find a support group and/or therapy if you need it.

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