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Today on The Mamaste Podcast Ryann and Jill welcome Tracy Litt, founder of the Litt Factor, Mindset Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist, and Author. Tracy shares so many pieces of wisdom for anyone who’s interested in becoming more mindful and how to start on a very basic level. It basically comes down to two things:

  1. Ownership – When we make a conscious decision to become aware of our thoughts and choose to own our own radical personal responsibility.
  2. Breathing – slowing down, creating space and observing our thoughts without judgment or analysis . When we’re born we have slow methodic breathing pattern. As we grow, our breathing becomes shallow. The breathing pattern that Tracy describes is commonly known as the Box breath- 4 breaths in, hold at the top for 4 seconds, breath out for 4 seconds.

Other Highlights:

Why is it so hard to change though? Decades of conditioning to be a certain way. As soon as we start to change, we trigger our brain into uncertainty. Our brain will do everything in its power to do everything it can to keep you in the certain.

Power of Choice: We must choose for 66 days consistently to create a lasting impactful habit. Staying vigilant means becoming aware of our thoughts and actions every single day.

“You’re so awesome, you did that so perfectly” is NOT what we should be saying to our kids. Tracy suggests that we set our kids up to enjoy the process not the outcome. Mistakes lead to learning, bottom line and practice makes progress. t’s really about being able to show them a different way. Or using language like “the choice you made wasn’t good” instead of shaming or degrading them as a person.

We need to ask ourselves “How can I get comfortable with imperfection being the new goal?” The scary part about perfectionism is that’s where our self-doubt lives. It’s really a form of torture and creates a habit loop of punishing ourselves.

It is so about who you are and so little about what you say because your energy shows up before you do. The best way to help your kids is to invest in yourself and do your own healing and do your own work first.


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