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Empowering and Educating child and parent. A talk with Annette Gerlitz Appel – MAMASTE010

Today on the Mamaste Podcast we welcome Annette Gerlitz Appel, educator, homeschooler, and mama of three girls.

We chat about parenting and education philosophies plus how to surround yourself with a tribe of people that are on the same page as you when it comes to empowering your kids (which makes things a lot easier).


Baby-led potty training

Delray Children’s Garden

We talk a lot about nature play and the benefit of climbing trees. Check out this article: 15 Reasons to Climb a Tree and other Benefits of Risky Play

For more on raising empowered kids check out this book: The Empowered Child

For more on nature based play, check out: Natural Start Alliance

Roots & Shoots, a Jane Goodall program

Girls Gone Wod Interview – MAMASTE009

Today on the Mamaste Podcast we welcome Joy and Claire of The Girls Gone WOD Podcast! *Insert fangirl screams here* (Jill has been following them for a while and is pretty much the ultimate Girls Gone WOD fangirl. In fact, they were the original inspiration for starting The Mamaste Podcast.) We dive right in by talking about how Oprah smells—yes, you read that right. These two are seriously just so down to earth and it’s like chatting with your two girlfriends who you’ve known forever.

Joy and Claire started Girls Gone WOD on a whim and it’s grown to a highly rated podcast in the health and nutrition category with a super loyal following. It’s been 5 years since they started out so Ryann wanted to know: “What’s the advice you would give the former version of you just starting out?” Joy remembered advice that one of her former bosses gave her: “Just start.” She continued by saying, “No matter what it is that you’re doing, you cannot mold it off what someone else is doing. Just do it and figure it out as you go.” Claire also talked about how there’s no room for comparison in following your passion. We couldn’t agree more!

What started as simply a creative outlet, The Girls Gone WOD Podcast, has quickly grown into a tribe of connected listeners and fans. Their number one goal is to “relate to people and build a tribe of people who just want feel welcome and know that they’re not alone.”

We also dove into the pressures of looking a certain way as a mother and about having conversations with our kids surrounding food and how it’s challenging because, let’s face it, most of the time our kids just wanna eat junk (who doesn’t!?). Actually, Claire’s son loves butter so much that it came up at his parent teacher conference. Clarie’s having her second baby in 2019 and they’ve also got some live events planned and a program launching too. Stay tuned for all that is to come—Joy and Claire seriously rock!


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In case you are not a Girls Gone Wod fan here are my 10 (ish….ok 11 I had already cut it down from 13) essential episodes if you have 10 plus hours to spare. You really can’t go wrong starting any where with their podcast. Lately, it has been quite good and now that they have two episodes a week you get a little bit of their excellent interview skills mixed with the Claire and Joy chit chat, and I mean chit chat in the best possible way.

1a) 1b)

2a) Eating Disorder Real Talk 2b) 2c)

3) Not a Hugger


5a) 5b)




9a) 10b)



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Resources For Mindful Mamas – MAMASTE008

Resources For Mindful Mamas

Today on The Mamaste Podcast, Ryann and Jill talk about what it’s like to be a new mom and

why it’s so important to find a mom crew. They dive into some foundational resources for new

moms and mamas looking to be more mindful. Google your city/county libraries, parks &

recreation, churches, community centers, etc. You can find everything from baby wearing

classes to drop off programs.

Additional Resources:

La Leche League

Boca Regional Breastfeeding Support Group


Shtulman Family Chiropractic


Nurture Your Newborn

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Nature’s Symphony


The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali

Magnesium Roll On

Postpartum Anxiety and Depression: find a support group and/or therapy if you need it.

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The Mamaste Podcast: Tracy Litt – MAMASTE007

Today on The Mamaste Podcast Ryann and Jill welcome Tracy Litt, founder of the Litt Factor, Mindset Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist, and Author. Tracy shares so many pieces of wisdom for anyone who’s interested in becoming more mindful and how to start on a very basic level. It basically comes down to two things:

  1. Ownership – When we make a conscious decision to become aware of our thoughts and choose to own our own radical personal responsibility.
  2. Breathing – slowing down, creating space and observing our thoughts without judgment or analysis . When we’re born we have slow methodic breathing pattern. As we grow, our breathing becomes shallow. The breathing pattern that Tracy describes is commonly known as the Box breath- 4 breaths in, hold at the top for 4 seconds, breath out for 4 seconds.

Other Highlights:

Why is it so hard to change though? Decades of conditioning to be a certain way. As soon as we start to change, we trigger our brain into uncertainty. Our brain will do everything in its power to do everything it can to keep you in the certain.

Power of Choice: We must choose for 66 days consistently to create a lasting impactful habit. Staying vigilant means becoming aware of our thoughts and actions every single day.

“You’re so awesome, you did that so perfectly” is NOT what we should be saying to our kids. Tracy suggests that we set our kids up to enjoy the process not the outcome. Mistakes lead to learning, bottom line and practice makes progress. t’s really about being able to show them a different way. Or using language like “the choice you made wasn’t good” instead of shaming or degrading them as a person.

We need to ask ourselves “How can I get comfortable with imperfection being the new goal?” The scary part about perfectionism is that’s where our self-doubt lives. It’s really a form of torture and creates a habit loop of punishing ourselves.

It is so about who you are and so little about what you say because your energy shows up before you do. The best way to help your kids is to invest in yourself and do your own healing and do your own work first.


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