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Today we welcome Sara Van Norman, founder of Elevate Online Enterprises and long-time Delray Beach resident, to our cozy Podcast nook. Sara is a digital media whiz, website creator, wife, and mama.

Sara is the creative force behind Elevate Online Enterprises and her husband recently transitioned to work alongside with her in what they call “a lifestyle”. She shares an all-too relatable story about realizing the tremendous need for user friendly websites and how she took a leap of faith and built the confidence to start her own business. Sara and Bryan show their clients the value in having an online presence. “It’s tangible and you can see the results. We pride ourselves in finding synergy with companies.”

We asked Sara what the key to pursuing fulfillment is and she says “You really need to solidify what the vision is. There are so many different ways to live. There are all these different ways to be a mother. But we get this anxiety from the things we’re told we’re supposed to do. I think it’s figuring out what you really want.” She says something that’s helped them solidify their vision for their family’s lifestyle has been defining their values and principles. Sara recommends Ray Dalio’s Principles  to get started. “There’s gotta be some core things that are important and everything else need to fall to the wayside.”

We also talk about the importance of staying connected with your partner and consciously working towards being on the same page to share a common vision for your family. “We made a really conscious decision to do this because we want a lifestyle. We have a lot of passion for it.” Sara and her husband are finding that with conscious effort, they are able to create a lifestyle that fits their desires while raising their daughter Elodie in stride.

Of course, it’s not always easy. As Sara puts it, the initial transition into motherhood smacked her in the face. (It’s ok, Sara, motherhood is still smacking us in the face!) “But I was glad for the struggle,” she continued, “it made me better ya know?” She talks about how for a long time she took cues from social norms that didn’t feel authentic for her “I tried really hard to fit into this mold of this thing that I’m not.” Once she was able to cultivate the confidence needed to step into her own version of motherhood and business ownership, she says the shift was life-changing.

Van Norman jokes about manifesting her husband and making a list of what she wanted in a partner. “It’s hard work to do the things that really manifest change in your life.” On that note, Ryann says the best marriage advice is “Grow Together” and throws out an idea for a New Year’s Vision Board Party.

In addition to connecting with your partner, we agree that relationships and connections with other women can be one of the most beneficial things for women—especially early on in the motherhood journey when things can feel unsure and isolating.“You are in the experience of sheer utter beauty and share utter terror at the same time,” Sara recalls about those first months and years of her daughter’s life.


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