The Mamaste Podcast: Motherhood Uncensored – MAMASTE004

In episode 4, we get into the ridiculous semantics of motherhood: Whether you consider yourself a Stay-At-Home, Work-From-Home, Working Mom, or Full Time Mom, I think we can all agree: mommin’ ain’t easy.

*If you’ve got little ones around and they have sensitive ears, put in the earbuds for this one (and most of them). We have the tendency to drop an occasional F-bomb.*

We break down some academic philosophies, including Waldorf schooling. Developmentally, the average child isn’t ready for sit-down curriculum until around age 7 and our school system was founded on principles that aren’t necessarily up-to-date. But no philosophy is perfect. Whether you’re considering Homeschooling, a Waldorf school, or a traditional public education, it’s important to embrace the fact that kids don’t just learn at school and there are many opportunities for us to engage kids in learning.

No matter which parenting strategies or educational philosophy you lean towards, modeling is what our kids tend to pick up on. Ryann talks about getting a “Sorry mommy was being a bitch” shirt because she likes to fess up when she’s having a less-than-stellar day. She also dives into how becoming a stay-at-home/work-from home mama was a conscious choice.

Jill and Ryann also talk about motherhood, uncensored: Basically it  can feel like everyone’s putting their top 1% on social media. Ryann asks, “We know that everyone loves their kids. What else can we talk about?”, in an attempt to strike up authentic conversations about motherhood and the real side of what we go through, rather than the curated version which we tend to see on social media.

To walk away or not? Not giving tantrums too much attention but instead giving presence and space seems to the sweet spot for helping our babes express their frustration on move the F-on.

Speaking of walking away, how can we set boundaries with love and not take any crap from family members or friends who don’t respect them? “We get to decide what goes in our life and what makes us feel good and what doesn’t.” is the bottom line, like Ryann puts it.

Balance comes up yet again. Sometimes, it seems like we’re striving for the elusive B-word…. In a recent Hustle from the Heart Guest Post Ryann said,“Balance is a delicate merging of what matters the most.”

When chatting about alone time and self-care, Jill tried to tackle her dilemma of wanting to do all the things…. Ryann said, “When you start to prioritize and define what matters the most to you that’s when it starts to become clear in what order you should be doing things. You start to realize what makes you feel good, what makes you feel neutral, and what doesn’t make you feel good.”

And to wrap everything up The Mamaste Podcast collectively decides—“It’s JUST pee!” When you don’t care about pee anymore, you know you’re momming it hard. On that note, Jill eloquently leaves us with: “I might half ass it but I’m gonna be there 5 minutes early.”

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